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Welcome to Sawdust Making 101, first of all let me assure you that woodworking is not nearly as daunting as it may seem. It is not necessary to spend a fortune on tools many projects can be done with a minimum investment.

If it doesn't feel good don't do it!

Frank Campbell

Basic Tool Chest





Combination Square


Drill Bits

Safety Glasses

Electric Drill





Tape Measure

Hand Plane


Click on drawer for information about contents

Power Tools

Information, safety tips and accessories.

Information and safety tips on using a radial arm saw.

Information and safety tips about sanders

Information about CNC routers.



Information and safety tips on Miter Saws

Rockler Gift Card Rockler Gift Card
For the woodworker that has everything...

Work Area

Custom Shop Sign



Simple Projects For The Home

Spool design book holder.

Small wall shelf

Make a frame to hold a calendar

Double-sided painting & chalk board.

Tote style box to make with your child.

Information and templates.

Book-end style CD holder.

Made from a cedar fence board.
Make your own unique picture frames.
Tips and supplies to build your own.
Decorate the chains hanging from ceiling fans.
Easy to make candle holder
Simple napkin holder
This will bring back memories of the farm.
Small wishing well that doubles as a planter.
Add a top to an existing gateway.
Keeps the top of your table clean.

Relax at your desk

Easy to make speaker stand.
Wall shelf with three pegs to hang things.

Small side table for the patio.

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    Remodelling guide


    Free Downloadable Woodworking Plan from U-Bild.comlt;/a>

    Shop Projects and Jigs

    Gauge for marking center of board edge.

    Join your corners with fingers.

    A simple jig for aligning dowel holes.
    Adjustable stand for long boards, etc

    Wooden knobs for your shop jigs.

    Guide for cutting dados

    Good Old Fashioned Saw Horse

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    Basic table for small router, sits on a Workmate.

    Basic sawhorse made from 2 X 4's.

    Guide for ripping Sheet goods.

    Jig to make accurate cross-cuts.

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      Wooden Mallet

    Handy mallet from 3/4" material.

    Handy Reference Charts


    The Workbench Book

    by Scott Landis

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  • samsung scx 4623f driverscanner
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  • Setting up Shop

    by Sandor Naqyszalanczy

    Includes plans for a home bar unit.

    State of the art improvements.

    Storage saving ideas.

    How To's for the Projects, this also is dated information:

    Not sure how to build a website

    Visit Do-It-101.com's

    Plans for Sale

    Large selection of plans for your home, garden or shop.


    JavaScript must be enabled to display this email address.

    What is a "2 d" and more.

    Choices of styles of heads and slots

    An edited reprint of a 1919 school shop text book.

    How to use and sharpen a cabinet scraper.

    What to do when a compass is impractical.

    The basics of universal electric motors.

    Different kinds of finishing products.

    Common terms and what they mean.

    Two Simple Methods.

    Calculating board feet etc.

    How to build and measure square corners.

    Methods and tips for shelving.

    Common materials used in building projects.

    How to use handy butt joint jig.

    About Me
    I have been involved one way or another with woodworking for the last six decades, it began when I was about ten years old, my father built me a jigsaw by modifying an old Briggs and Stratton engine. Looking back I don't believe it cost him anything more than the price of a few welding rods to give me hours of entertainment cutting doodads out of apple box wood.

    Frank Campbell

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